This team for Patron consisted of a larger number of people, however my feedback came mostly from the GCD on the pitch. The GCD and I concepted these "smart" coasters which would utilize blue tooth to connect to phones and launch the device to our app. The app was designed by myself with guidance from the GCD, as a way for users to experience an interactive cocktail creation which shows how to remake popular drinks or specials at the bar using Roca Patron.
This pitch team for Kraft Natural Cheese consisted of myself, an ACD, and Sr. Copywriter. We had a week and two days to redo creative and strategy after being handed a half completed deck from another office.

Lock-up concepted and designed by myself, created in 30 minutes with no revisions.

Social posts were art directed and designed by myself with concepting assistance from the ACD.
The following are a combination of work for a Lord & Taylor pitch and a Saks Fifth Avenue pitch. These were all created from following a GCD's sketches. Most had 2 to 3 revisions, but where generally minimal in nature. We wanted to introduce a Tumblr to the lineup of social for both brands to show a simple way to organize outfits and inspire consumers to browse the site for more outfits and shopping inspiration.
I included this to show what the AD sketches I was tasked to create looked like. The final image shown, was after 3 revisions.
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